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Teller County Fire Departments are the following 6: Cripple Creek Emergency Services,Four Mile Fire Protection District, Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District, Florissant Fire and Rescue, Mountain Communities Volunteer Fire Department, and Victor City Volunteer Fire Department.

Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District has 3 fire stations with 11 Firefighters , 35 volunteer Firefighters, and 3 non-Firefighting staff members. This fire district responds to countless emergency request ranging from requests range from medicals(EMS), car accidents with injuries, fires, and any other activity where life safety may be at risk. Fire Alerts are responded through E911. This service provides for the automatic routing of all 911 calls to the appropriate police, fire and ambulance dispatch service providers. Firefighters are required to obtain 80 hours of training from the Chief Firefighter.

Florissant Fire and Rescue was established in 1989. Currently, its Auxiliary Department has 21 Personnel on Staff . There are 2 Firefighters and 15 volunteer firefighters serving the 3 stations. The tree stations are equipped with the following equipment: Meal Bus, Medical First Responder, Command, 1000 GPM Pump/ 900 gal Tank/ Class A/ NWCG Type 2, and Forest Service/250 GPM Pump/1200 gal Tank. In addition, fire station #3 has six 5,000 gal. water tanks as pictured on the right, for a total supply of 30,000 gallons of water.

Contact information:

Cripple Creek Emergency Services
147 E Bennett Ave
Cripple Creek, CO 80813-0430

Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District
1010 W County Rd.,
Woodland, CO 80863
Phone: (719) 687-1866

Florissant Fire and Rescue
2606 W Hwy 24
Florissant, CO 80816
Phone: (719)748-3909
Fax: (719) 748-5342


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